BDEX is a new generation of decentralized multi-mechanism cross-chain exchange that was invested and conducted cooperative R&D by BCEX Global in early stage. BDEX will apply cross-chain agreements, smart contracts, and matching mechanisms to complete order matching and transactions. At the same time, BDEX uses a variety of cross-chain mechanisms to complete decentralized transactions to meet various needs of users, including decentralized asset exchanges, real-time settlement across exchanges, and inter-industry cross-ledger asset exchanges.


Decentralized asset exchange

Decentralized asset exchange between usersUsers’ assets are directly hosted in their own blockchain wallet, greatly reducing the risk of loss of assets due to theft of exchanges or other reasons. Transaction matching and on-chain clearing through smart contracts not only increase transparency, but also get rid of the central media.

Cross-exchange real-time settlement

By applying decentralized cross-chain interaction, the wallet systems of major exchanges will be connected and shared that there is no need to transfer assets among multiple exchanges, but they can match the transaction depth of other exchanges in one exchange.

Inter-industry cross-ledger asset exchange

Ledgers between traditional centralized system and blockchain system can be conducted with cross-ledger asset exchange in fields like finance, cloud computing, IoT,AI and so on.BDEX will solve the security and trust problems in the exchange of data value based on the encryption and consensus of data in the blockchain network.


Smart Contract

BDEX ensures security and uniqueness of asset by verifying the signature of orders through smart contracts and proving the relationship between orders and users. The smart contract on the chain not only processes the user's verification order, but also records the user's order on the chain, ensuring that each order can be tracked and queried.

Hashed Timelock Contract

HTLC enables asset exchange among different blockchain protocols. In the proces, the assets of both parties are simultaneously locked and pledged to solve the basic problem of trust between the two parties.The atomicity of transactions is guaranteed by the transfer of the key.The time lock mechanism is introduced to ensure the transaction completed within specified time.

BDEX Underlying Public Chain

BDEX underlying public chain uses a multi-layer and multi-chain architecture with integrated parallel chains and relay chains. The relay mechanism makes it easier to transfer authenticated transactions from one blockchain protocol to another. Meanwhile,relay chains connects all the parallel chains, coordinating the consensus and transaction distributions among parallel chains.

Efficient matching

For transaction pairs, there are two trading queues, namely the buy order queue and the sell order queue, which are arranged according to the principle of “price priority and time priority under the same price”.


BDEX strives to reach the user experience of centralized exchange in terms of transaction depth, speed, transaction variety, liquidity, transparency, easy operation, etc.,and achieves decentralized transactions among traditional exchanges through cross-exchange real-time clearing mechanisms. At the same time, BDEX will jointly establish a decentralized cross-chain industry alliance with great powers in various industries to promote the integration of blockchain and finance, cloud computing, IoT, AI and many other industries to realize the cross-ledger atomic exchange between traditional and blockchain system,and link the blockchain world to the physical world. BDEX will also solve the security and trust problems in the exchange of data value based on the encryption and consensus of data in the blockchain network,and jointly promote the human society towards the Internet of Everything.

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